I guess an introduction is in order?

Hello blog world!

I’m new here, so pardon the dust and lack of know how.

Let’s dive right in shall we?

What does it mean to be a difficult mommy?

You may wonder why I view being difficult as a badge of honor.  Most people don’t want to be around a difficult person (which is maybe one reason I like the title to be honest.)  I’ve been called difficult by friends and family on Facebook, workers in the customer service industry, other strangers, and my husband (in a sarcastic fashion.)

So again, what does it mean to be difficult?

It means you expect too much, it means you don’t settle, it means that you enjoy  intelligence and despise small talk.  It means you have an extreme case of RBF (resting bitch face.)  It means you don’t give two shits about what others think of you.  It means you’re right and everyone else is wrong.  It means being who you are no matter what the consequence.

That’s why I like the title.

It means, I am me.  Me. No one else, not who Denise wants me to be.  Denise can go to hell.

So can all the people that leave Christmas decorations up until April.  I have no use for them either.

But if you wear plenty of day old yoga pants and are staying alive with a caffeine drip and plenty of trashy TV, well, then you are my tribe.


You, difficult mommy, you.